Jesus and the Children

Jesus and the Children

Mark 10:13-16

Let the children come to me. Mark 10:14

“Good morning” Question:  You are loved! Tell me – Who loves you?


Free Play Choices: Coloring Valentines, dolls/puppets, books (talk about “love” while playing – who loves you? how do they show it? who do you love?…introduce the Catechism Q/A’s Memory Work in conversations, just say the question and answer several times)

Word for the Day: Blessing. A blessing is a gift. God blesses us when he “takes care of us and shows us his love.” Jesus blessed the children. He may have given them a special prayer like some of you receive at communion time.

Memory Work:

Who made you?
What else did God
(God made all things.)
Why did God make you
and all things?
(For his own glory)                                                                                                                                               How can you glorify God?                                                                                                                                       (By loving him and doing what he commands)                                                                                                    Why should you glorify God?                                                                                                                         (Because he made me and takes care of me)

Circle Time:

Name Song/Chant: Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, Me, Me (Insert names for “me, me, me!”)

Manner Review: Your eyes here, listening ears, hands in lap.

Story: Show the Bible. Turn to Mark 10. Let them touch the page. Read the short story. Then, tell the story again in your own words. Emphasize all five senses. How big was the crowd that had been listening to Jesus teach? Was it loud? If you had been there – would you have been tired? excited? scared?

Group Activity: Have large butcher paper pieces the size of a child (already cut out.) Practice taking turns. Allow each child to be traced on the paper. Hang the “children” on the wall and say, “we are creating a crowd, our crowd of children, to see Jesus.”

Songs: Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children

Quiet Time / Prayer Time:

Make this “fun/memorable.” And set the tone. Make them aware that they will do something like this every week. This is where we are trying to cement a “memorable” experience from/about the facts of the day. Consider making your own
“name” for this time.   

        Let’s sit on the floor here right around our pictures that we traced. Let’s pretend that we are waiting to see Jesus. Would you be quiet if you were waiting? How would you feel? Don’t tell me, just think about how you would feel.
Who would bring you to see Jesus?

Close your eyes. Would you thank Jesus for the person that brought you to see him? Jesus, thank you for …

Jesus wants to give you a blessing. A blessing is a gift. Today that blessing is a prayer straight from Jesus. Would you listen as Jesus uses me to tell you that he loves you? (Walk around and touch each child as you say: ______, Jesus loves you.

Closing Free Play:

Color your tracings and/or cut them out. Mirror time (Pull out a large mirror and let children have fun in front of it; use music to make even more fun!)

No, I don’t know these children – it’s just a youtube google search – but in case you don’t know the song I mentioned!

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