I WONDER about her

I wonder if she slept late that morning, like I often do, and if she was rushed to get it ready, that bread she made from scratch each day …

I wonder if he always went to work with his dad or if he asked especially …

“Mom, can I go? Please?”

And I wonder if she was happy to get the reprieve from a young one under foot or if she worried how he would make out with the gruff, dirty men all day.

I wonder if her husband shuffled around in the early light, wishing life was different somehow.

We’re going farther today. Looking for a fresh spot. You ready to find that desolate place that’ll treat us right? What do ya say, son? Gonna pull in a big haul this time. Gonna need you to be strong.

I wonder if those fish were precious commodities, taken from the batch they could have sold. Or if they were Junior’s favorite kind. Or if Junior was a picky eater.

“Hey, where’s my goodbye kiss,” I bet she hollered, as they ran out the door. And after it, I wonder if she gave the final instructions.

You share. You hear? I put in some extra.

All this I wonder. And I’m not exactly sure. But the rest of it, well, the rest of it I’m pretty confident of.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to ask, “How was your day?” Or, “What happened, anything good?” I’m pretty sure that she didn’t hear the words “nothing” or “boring.” Oh, no. None of that ordinary expected.

What I’m thinking is that he could hardly carry it inside – that big basket of lunch leftovers.

And I’m thinking that the first thing she heard was something about like this


I’m also thinking that she didn’t mind so much packing lunches for awhile and that he never forgot to share.

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