The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37

(You shall love) your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

“Good morning” Question:   Where will you go tomorrow? Tell me all the places …


Free Play Choices: Doctor kit/dolls and band aids, animals, neighborhood pictures (Give hints to the upcoming story while children play. Where do you live? In this neighborhood picture, if you lived here then which one shows where your neighbor lives? Do you know your neighbors? Do you use the car to go most places? Look, in Jesus’ time, they walked or rode animals. In our story today, someone is hurt and someone else takes care of him.) 

Word for the Day: Neighbor. A neighbor lives near you. Right? Well, today Jesus changes the meaning of the word “neighbor” by making it bigger. It’s because he wants our love to be bigger!

Memory Work:

How can you glorify God?

(By loving him and doing what he commands)

Circle Time:

Name Song/Chant: Everybody do this, do this, do this. Everybody do this just like me. (CHANT. LET EACH CHILD HAVE A TURN CHOOSING WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODY – clap, snap, rub belly, etc – AND INSERT THEIR NAME “just like ____ “)

Manner Review: Your eyes here, listening ears, hands in lap.

Story: Use this finger play to begin bible study time. The children may echo each line after you.

I open my bible. And listen to God. He tells me what I should do. I know that he loves me. He hears when I pray. And all of his stories are true.

Today Jesus explains what we should do. Someone had asked him how to obey the command – You should love your neighbor as yourself. A man asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus told this story. Turn to Luke 10. Let children touch the bible at this scripture. Read the story. Don’t get too worried about describing priest (a pastor/preacher,) Levite (a church worker,) or Samaritan (person from a place called Samaria.) For the youngest children, we are describing what love looks like – not who should or should not have known to show love.

Group Activity:  Do you remember the story? Let’s act it out! Give out parts.

Songs: Try to just listen to some of these! Really. I love them. You might not be able to lead them yourself, but they are free and you can sing along. SONGS FOR SAPLINGS

Quiet Time / Prayer Time:

Make this “fun/memorable.” And set the tone. Make them aware that they will do something like this every week. This is where we are trying to cement a “memorable” experience from/about the facts of the day. Consider making your own
“name” for this time.   

       If you can secure a large map of your city or town, then get it out and attach it to the wall. If not, then consider making a large collage of places that children go in your town. (Local magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets are great resources for pictures.)

Look at some of these places that you may go next week. Let’s pray through our day. Close your eyes and listen to my words. We are going to think about our day. Think about where you go, but don’t say the places out loud! Now, prayer eyes and hands. Closed and folded

Dear God, You are always with me wherever I go. Help me to show your love all the time. Help me to show your love when I wake up in the morning. Where are you on Monday mornings? Do you go anywhere? God, help me show your love when I am ______. Afternoons. Where are you? God, help me to show your love when I am _____. God is with us all day long. Where are you in the evening? At dinner or supper time? After you eat? Who are you with? Dear God, help me to show your love when I am ______.

Closing Free Play:

Coloring sheet of Good Samaritan or group coloring of a city mural or map to hang on the wall.

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