Luke 24:13-45

Explaining Easter, Year B

ENVIRONMENT AID:  In today’s story, two friends meet up with a stranger. I figure it’s time to use the celebratory season of Easter to play some games.

  • Laugh a bit with the traditional “Who am I?” game. Simple instructions are here WHO AM I?
  • Or, if you have HEDBANZ, then play “What am I?” without having to come up with your own list of people.
  • Not sure your group would get into either of these question games? How about a get to know you BINGO? Everyone gets a card with the same descriptions and goes around the room looking for someone that fits each description, getting signatures. Play for typical 5 in a row win or entire board. Instructions and dowloadable template HERE Be sure to change up some of the descriptions before printing so that they fit your age bracket! 

You’ve learned new things about your friends today OR shown how well you already knew them. My question now is, HOW WELL WOULD YOU HAVE KNOWN JESUS?

LOOKING AT THE WORD: Have each student open the bible to the text for the day. Read it aloud. Then ask, the journalist’s questions.

  • Who is in our story today?
  • Where are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • What are they confused about? Why?
  • How is that problem solved? 


The bible says that they looked sad. I wonder if they had any hope that they would see Jesus?

I wonder what it felt like to be called foolish?

I wonder what it felt like to have all the scriptures explained in one walk?

I wonder how far they walked, if they stopped along the way, if others saw them engrossed in conversation …

I wonder what Jesus looked like with that resurrected body?

I wonder if they recognized him at the same time? How did they look? What did they say? What did they do?

I wonder if your heart has ever burned within you when you’ve heard the words of Jesus …


Continue your chart of DESCRIPTIONS/PROOF. On one column list proofs that Jesus came to life again. On the opposite column you may contrast a dead body. The list will grow each week. Example –



not in tomb      laid in tomb

walks     can’t walk 

talks      can’t talk

eats      can’t eat


CREATIVE RESPONSE: The text says that he was known to them in the breaking of the bread. Remind the children of the connections here. He had called himself the Bread of Life after multiplying a lunch to feed many. He had told his disciples that his body would be broken at The Last Supper. We meet him and he meets us in weekly Communion, or Eucharist, or The Lord’s Supper. Consider listening to this SONG: WHAT IS A SACRAMENT? and then brainstorm.

What would you ask Jesus if he was at your house breaking bread? 

Pass out markers, crayons, colored pencils, and/or pens. Have strips of colored paper to write on. Let students write as many questions as they can think of – serious and funny, both allowed – to ask Jesus. Tape, staple, or glue them to a poster or banner and leave up in the room.

Finish with prayer.

Jesus, may your presence in us cause our hearts to burn like the friends in our story today.

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