Making it up

My mind plays in funny ways.

I visited CotA preschool Sunday School yesterday and did what I don’t recommend.

I arrived just in time.

Not early to set up the room. Not before children arrived so I could take a moment alone to pray for them and me.

No, I pretty much walked into the room with a few of them.

They could have taken over immediately. But I had one thing on my side (other than already knowing those munchkins pretty well.)

I knew my story.

For the youngest classes, I promise you this – if you have spent time fielding the text for what it might have in common with a preschool life, then regular play will be fertile ground for story connections.

Yesterday’s story was JESUS APPEARS ON EMMAUS ROAD. I knew that I could do lots with friends and walks.

Imagine my delight when after saying, “Let’s start by coloring a picture of a friend,” and then inquiring, “Who is that? Who did you draw…”


The flattery comes in handy for that particular little rascal less than five minutes later.

The acoustics in that room highllight the typical preschoolish voice volume, so we throw some blankets and quilts on the cold floor each week in an attempt to cover up some sound.

I found they’ve also, though, come to be used as these cover ups.


I could have said, “Stop.”

But instead I’d found my name song for the day.

“Where is Robert, Where is Robert?”

“Oh, no,” came a groan. But a head popped out, kinda singing.

“Here I am. Here I am.”

And just like that, I had my explanation of a JESUS hidden in plain sight to two friends who were walking together one day.

And we had a fun time learning how their eyes recognized him when he ripped up (that’s four year old speak) some bread.

It was more miraculous than popping out from a blanket, but I’m not sure that it was as fun.

Robert’s mom needs to get him a blanket because he doesn’t have ” not even one at my house to play with.”

And you, dear reader teacher, need to remember to leave room in your plans to make it up as you play along.



3 thoughts on “Making it up

  1. robert sure was lucky to have Miss Melanie!! : ) btw, he has LOTS of blankets to play with …. next week should be a lesson on lying : )


  2. You are absolutely brilliant spiritually as well as intellectually. Love your writing as well as the content. Agree with Gran. Only would have stated, “would have been my….” I recall NONE of my Sunday School teachers and I almost never missed a Sunday. Of course, that was a l o n g time ago.

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