Covenants, Commandments, and Christ

If you’re following Seasons and Sacraments, then you’re getting ready to begin a wonderful “fall” Sunday School – or midweek school or homeschool.

Returning from all those summer breaks, you’ll have time to ease into the beauty of God’s promise to one old man who must have been familiar with the sandy seashore and the starry sky. You’ll read about him who likely understood disappointment and waiting and loneliness – and perhaps midlife crisis? You’ll have a chance for some of your students to share their own get to know me and my family time as you come back together to finish up YEAR B in this three year curriculum.

Join me as I go through these three preparation weeks again.

The first unit (from three years ago, look – they’re still dated and kind of in a mess!) are right here for you –


After you’ve delved into all that FAMILY STUFF, your TEN COMMANDMENT STUDY will use the adventures of Joseph to highlight the need for God to tell his treasured people how to live.

You’ll have to ask me to send those ….

Who’s ready for a new year ….

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