Adventure Week Two

So I mentioned timidity and not being (too) careful  last week in my Adventure Week One post.

So this week my adventure was –




You do it all the time? Well, adventurous of you.

I do not.

I’m an INFJ, the advocate diplomat this particular personality site describes. I do vacillate a bit. That last letter on the Myers Briggs personality scale has been known to come out as P rather than J, and in fact it did tonight when I took the test here. That site calls the INFP the mediator diplomat.

Nevertheless, you should see the trend.

I like harmony. 

So, imagine my fear when I dared to facebook share a friend’s website.

bern kimchiKimchi.

That’s right.


Kimchi is for sale on a new website promoting BERNIE SANDERS! Look closely.

I also stated the following on my facebook share –

 I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. Have at me.

For me, that is so freakin’ brave.

Heck, last presidential election we told our son that you shouldn’t go to school and talk about how your family is voting. Too divisive. And, perhaps it is for elementary school.

But this past year my husband put a bumper sticker on his truck. Already.

And our son is smart. So we’ve already had the question of how bumper stickers fit with not talking about politics (?)

Minds change (?)

Children get older (?)

Momma leaves her church staff position (?)

Adventure Weeks demand action (?)

Anyway, the unimaginable happened today after I posted.


Not a single comment.

Of course, not a single like either.

Big news day?

Buried the lead too far in the status?

I don’t actually have facebook friends that read my posts?

My friends are all harmonious seeking noncommittals, too?

I have adventured and nothing happened.

No one noticed.

No one cared.

This, too, will happen to you one day. I encourage and challenge you.


For me this means that I will probably have to buy this shirt and wear it one week, though.

bern tshirt

This post brought to you by way of my adventurous high school friend Hannah Logan‘s partner Ron – and his newly launched site wefeelthebern.

Go learn, go shop, go donate.













4 thoughts on “Adventure Week Two

  1. I confessed to my very republican father this week that I was voting for Bernie. Needlessly to say he was shocked and halfheartedly tried to convince me to vote Rubio.


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