Adventure Week Twenty

I’m calling this one “a Wilde night,” with pun intended.

I certainly didn’t feel wild.

I didn’t feel talkative.

I didn’t feel like leaving the house.

But Miss Christy was ready to resurrect our Art Fellowship nights. Their origins are another independent post entirely.

Six of us ladies read through Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest.

A trivial play for serious people.

No preparation required.

I did know the play, but I did not reread it prior to showing up that night. My part was assigned a couple of days in advance, but I did not fret over memorization or timing or accent.

Oh, goodness.


The ladies with me had them. A few doubled as more than one character. And, a friend known only to you by the initials ER, as I have not asked her permission, actually read the parts of two characters who had an in depth conversation between themselves.

Kudus, ER. You were quite impressive. 

This is a perfect group activity when you’re feeling social – or, not.

We wondered if we were like generations of old who did not have Netflix or dvr’s or televisions – even though we each were reading from our own tech device.

We finished feeling quite cultured – even though the play is a silly story of trickster boys and finicky females. 

We left knowing that we would do this again.

What play would you suggest…

Keep in mind that we are serious people.

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