About “Miss Melanie”

For seven years there was a “Miss Melanie” at Church of the Apostles.

“Miss Melanie”  taught Sunday School and Children’s Church and planned Special Events. She emailed parents and volunteers, went to staff meetings, and (sometimes) updated a website. She shopped for wipes and snacks and craft supplies.

Until she stopped.

Because, you see, “Miss Melanie” was actually a “Mrs.” And that’s what she’d missed.

For a very long time.

And now that’s where she is.

“What’s a Mrs.?”

I’m glad you asked. It takes a man. And sometimes later another (or others!) join the plan. Until Mrs. Melanie can love well her two, she’s stopped trying to love all 102. But, shhhhhhhh…. don’t tell.

Miss Melanie’s still telling her stories somewhere.

2 thoughts on “About “Miss Melanie”

  1. You’ve described so succinctly the past nine years of my life. I wish I could do this without sputtering and rambling!


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