Joy! I still have a couple of the melodies ringing in my head that I used in Sunday School class this past week.

And you could, too. Very soon. Because they are available for free, right here –


How’d this happen?

Awhile back – ok, just a week or so ago – I googled children catechism song and ended up there, at and fell in love. ‘Cause this was my sort of place and these were my sort of songs. After all, these were my Questions and Answers.

The story only begins there. I messaged songs for saplings via their contact page and

DANA DIRKSEN emailed me back.

I acted like a groupie by letting several of my friends know – especially because she suggested that we schedule a talk and

I really do not like to talk on the telephone. Yikes! What would I say? 

She was so worth it. It felt like I’d found a new friend. I hope that you experience those moments often. God gives friends. Let me tell you that it feels good when you discover that someone on the other side of the country seems to like you.

I believe Dana would like you, too. Yep, that kind of woman.

So this is what I’m saying – GO HERE AND DISCOVER TRUTH and HIS WORDS set to song!

FREE DOWNLOADS and share Dana’s stuff with all the people that you know who would like it (everyone?)

I’ll be suggesting a song or two for each lesson plan on this site from now on. And, I’ll try not to wear out volume one. Really, I will try.

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