(Re)Starting a Sunday School, a Blog Series

Last school year I got to start all over.

A new church family down the street.

A sweet little group of preschoolers. Ok, sometimes just one preschooler.

None of my students or their parents knew me.

They didn’t know my storytelling style.

They didn’t know my finger plays.

They didn’t know my go-to songs.

I found a slower pace that fit me just fine.

And I rediscovered some basics.

We delved into Genesis and the Gospels

and a little of The Acts of the Apostles.

We kept up with the church calendar.

And I fell in awe of the Great Creator and Redeemer again.

A few words kept popping up.

Life. Death. Resurrection.

Power. Love.

These are my recollections of a fresh start …

Post 1: So you want to start a Sunday School …

Post 2: What I’d like to teach this year

Post 3: How much do you teach them?

Post 4: “All of his stories are true”

Post 5: Story: Sights and Sounds