Time for a change

The blog is getting a face lift. She’ll be in the shop for a few days and you may or may not find her when you go looking.

What? You don’t go looking?!?


Through the blog, I met some great folks in 2015.

A couple of them noticed that my teaching niche is for the young child. Thanks, Jack and Dana. I’ll be continuing to highlight a bible story of the week from my Stories, 52 or Just a Few curriculum.

When I asked Michelle for advice, she asked what topics I’d choose to write about for adult audiences. Encouraged to spread my wings, I took a stab at the her.meneutics summer essay contest. While I didn’t win, I did receive some positive feedback on my entry, I wish my church knew, about economic class and how it creates our judgments. So I’m going to be adding some adult-like content here, too.

Miss Melanie is an adult, you know. A regular adult. Little Sunday School kids still do a double take when they spot me at the grocery store or even at the zoo. But there’s life beyond the classroom for any and every kind of teacher. And I’ll be reminding you of that in my weekly Adventures posts. Thanks, Lily.

And yes, they’ll be a few poems. Perhaps along the pattern of John’s, one of my fave bloggers.

But for now – under construction, wet paint, you know – in the shop.