Adventure Week Seventeen

You’re waiting for me to sky dive?

Or, at least zip line at Riverbanks?

Sorry. Get in line. (Have you seen the lines at the zoo and gardens recently?)

This week I found that I’d said “yes” to something that caught me by surprise.

Months ago Ms. Cookie had asked, “Will you go with me to ____?”

And I’m the kind of person that finds “no” difficult most days. And it was in the far future, so not disturbing the chance of a nap that particular day.

I was a bit surprised by the cost after I’d committed. But…

celtic woman

Celtic Woman was awesome.


As in, I was in awe.

And, the stranger man beside me cried quite a few times. I didn’t let myself.

But after listening to the chaos of political xm radio in the loaner car that day, it was quite a heavenly moment when Amazing Grace hushed the entire packed house Koger Center.

One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.

It happened at the Koger Center this week.

Say “yes” when a friend asks.

(Then ask your husband if he knows who’s playing, because Mr.Andy would’ve loved some Celtic Woman.)