PERSONALIZED BOOK WINNER and another option for the rest of you!

My sweet friend Michelle won the prize!

A homemade WHO LOVES YOU scrapbook made by little ol’ uncrafty me.

I can’t wait to delve into this precious teenage girl’s life and make the final product extra special. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve decided that the entire idea is incredibly suited to all ages. One friend entered for her husband. And so I’m all thinking about how might I capture the love for my own. Please, please, please let us know about any and every one that you decide to make.

Need a reminder about the how’s and why’s – check out this post WHO LOVES YOU? book

Wait, I hear you. You think that the whole process is JUST TOO MUCH?

I have the perfect solution.

Remember that googling I told you about? It produced this gem of a find ¬†I SEE ME. Personalized Children’s Books. I love finding companies that are doing sweet things. I love finding out that someone else had similar ideas. I love that there are ambitious people in this world that actually DO STUFF, not just think up the IDEA TO DO STUFF.

I emailed I SEE ME and they emailed me back! And, by the sound of it, I SEE ME just may have actually read my blog. Because I SEE ME told me about their newest book –


Want one? That SHOP NOW button on that pic won’t work. But, this link sure will¬†ORDER BOOK

And quick as a wink. OK, quick as a few weeks, you’ll be looking as cute as this –