Listening Guides

To “Children’s Church” or not to “Children’s Church” is the question each parish and each parent must answer for themselves. We opted to begin a Children’s Church program early on in my tenure at Church of the Apostles because I, in part, thought that it was needed. Why needed? We claimed to be open to the “unchurched visitor.” And I knew that visitors unaccustomed to long services would need a break from their smallest distractions.

But we still believed that children worship and were welcome in worship and should be learning the practice of worship.

Our Children’s Church mirrors the efforts of the actual liturgy that the children miss while gone from the service and, hopefully, teaches them to participate by the time they graduate.

Still, I wish there were tools available to help our children participate. I sometimes encourage parents to do certain things – like whisper – to their children as the liturgy progresses.

Whisper what, you ask? Well, these kinds of things would be allowed in my book. I can’t make you one for your service every week, but take a peek at one of my listening guides.

The First Sunday of Advent Children Listening Guide