Why Games? Part I

Do you like games? Don’t say “no.” Everyone likes games of some sort or the other. Maybe you just haven’t found your game of choice yet. Each fall I’d start our new CLUB45 (4th and 5th grade group) year with GAME NIGHT. You can accomplish a lot at GAME NIGHT. Sometimes the kids even realize that. Remember to have a plan. Use a variety of games. Be flexible. Laugh. And recap it all (ok, some) to the parents. They’ll love you for it. And you’ll remember why you did it. Here’s our September 2014 Game Night Summary. And yes, you can copy it completely one evening soon. We met for 90 minutes – although there is generally some outside craziness included in that time, too.


If this quote, attributed to Plato is true

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Then I got to know eight children a lot better tonight. We were, um, loud.

Among 8, 3 are homeschooled and the rest go to 5 different schools (——–, ———, ——— , ———, and ——.)

I like to use these nights to figure out where the kids are in their life. They may come home and describe nothing of seeming spiritual substance, but I do try to have a purpose.

I told them that our goal is to create a community. I told them one of our community goals was to know the story of the bible.

We played the card game spoons and  I defined “competitive.” Most individuals were – ahem, competitive spoon players. How to Play Spoons

We split into teams to make the tallest marshmallow/spaghetti structure and I defined “camaraderie” as needed to work as a team.  Fun info on Spaghetti/Marshmallow Tower

We played pictionary with these bible couples: Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Mary and Joseph, Jesus and the woman at the well. In this game, I wanted to see how many bible characters they knew. They knew all these. Upon guessing each couple, they put the names in chronological order as they appear in the bible. They did this easily. They also could say if these folks had competitive type relationships or worked together well.

I reminded them of Sunday School the past two weeks and how Genesis 1-11 tells the beginnings of all kinds of things. We noticed how people messed up a lot and God kept starting over.

I reminded them that tonight we wanted to see how we can create community with each other and God is pleased when we do. I shared that on Sundays adults , too, come from all different work places, like they come from different schools, and that we are united by our worship and what we believe. I told them that we say the big things we believe when we say the creed.

I shared a song via YouTube called This I Believe from Hillsong. It is based on the Apostles’ Creed. There was a static picture of NYC, I think, on the screen as the words to the song came up. Your children noticed that as a strange picture to have with that song. We stopped and talked about the picture and the things in it that show things that people sometimes put their faith/ belief in rather than God. They impressed me.

Thanks for bringing them!

Mrs. Melanie