Adventure Week One

Welcome to the week of adventures with Miss Christy. That’s her on the left. We’re sisters, can’t you tell? Look close. There’s a striking resemblance. More on that later.

This week, Miss Christy and I did this –

Oh yeah, we did.

Jump started a dead car battery.

It all began when I got a phone call. Mind you, Miss Christy and I are sisters. Similarities  abound. One being that neither of us usually call people. We’re the written word sort.

Texts shall be answered; rings, not so much.

It was her, so I answered.

She was stranded. And at one of my absolute favorite places. The Richland County Library. Check it out, folks. (Pun intended.)

There’s so much that I could add here in between the call and the actual plugging of positive cords and grounding of black cord and engine, then engines, revving.

(OK, like her car had just come out of the shop the day before, mine was in the shop still, no one walking through the library lot had cables, no teacher whose phone number I knew and texted from across the street at St. Peter’s Catholic School had jumper cables either, my next door neighbor saving us with some but unable to help otherwise because he had company, me messaging Miss Christy to say that it’d been a long time since I’d done this and she should be googling how while waiting for me to arrive …)

Adventures take awhile. There is never a straight line between point beginning and point end.

What I started thinking about throughout this adventure was my timidity.

Because heaven knows that I’ve been told so many times to BE CAREFUL.

Really. Be careful when you’re hooking up those cables. If you … well, if you do it wrong, then consequences are just unthinkable.

We didn’t do it wrong. Obviously. But while I listened to Miss Christy’s instructions on what to do (and not to do) and mostly watched her do it, I was perplexed by all this timidity inside me.

I thought about so many things in life that the charge to “be careful” damages and steals from me.

I thought about hair.

I know. I know. Terrible segueway there.

(Which by the way is a common misspelling. SEGUE IS OF ITALIAN ORIGIN, NOT FRENCH .)

Hair, though –

As I watched Miss Christy, not acting with timidity as she carefully connected those car battery jumper cables, I was proud of her. And I remembered how she’d been with my haircut the day before.

Remember our picture…

Miss Christy cut her own hair the other week. I was shocked when I admired it and she admitted that she’d done it herself. She is not, ahem, professionally trained in hair. She does not, ahem, have a license to cut.

I knew when she surprised me with that hair cut explanation that I’d be getting a free hair cut soon.

It happened this past week and most of you would consider it more of an adventure than connecting jumper cables.

I sat down in a chair at my kitchen table and Christy grabbed the small trimming scissors that I’d bought a couple of years ago, but never used on myself – not even my bangs, folks – I’m TIMID.

SCRUNCH went the first cut.

And I laughed.

Why? Because there was no discussion about what style I wanted or how much I wanted trimmed before Christy started. And I could tell the first cut was a rather significant one.

“Do you know how long this would’ve taken at a salon?” I screamed.

This is no stab at professional cosmetology training and high end salons anywhere. I’ll confess. I’ve paid $130 for a cut and color. And will again.

But when you pay that much to a professional, there is a lot of seriousness that goes into it. A lot of, may I say it – BEING CAREFUL.

Life’s an adventure, people. There are things to be careful about and there are things to dare to try – sometimes, in spite of the dangers.

“I wish I had those thinning scissors,” I mumbled as Christy was making quick confident cuts.

“It’s ok. I’ll just copy what they do.” And she starts doing that diagonal snipping into chunks of my hair.

I smile. A lot.

I mean, it’s just hair. It grows. And, it’s winter – you can always wear a hat.

But our adventure of not being too careful this week got me this cute ‘do.

Which was posted on facebook and received SO MANY compliments.

One friend said that it reminded him of something 80’s, but in a good way. Another added, “Molly Ringwald. Breakfast Club. I like it.”

I had to explain. The cut? It’s the Christy.

See – same hair on these two sisters. Look again.

img_1401Adventure on, friends. Don’t be afraid to jump start that car or your hair or your life. For heaven’s sakes, be careful – but not too careful.

Until next week …