Whatcha Teaching for Lent …

I had a bit of Fat Weekend these past few days. Didn’t even wait for Fat Tuesday. I was with my people on retreat at Dancing Falls Lodge, in Dirty Dancing famed Lake Lure, NC. You’ll hear about it in Adventure 6…

But, Lent’s coming.

And some of you are looking for ministry to children and youth tips.

I’ve not even polished up SEASONS AND SACRAMENTS/YEAR C.

But listen, Lent, Year B was pretty good. You could just go on ahead and repeat it if you like. No one will be the wiser. I’m not even going to promise that I’ll get those lessons from Luke’s parables ready for ya in time.

Looking for some outside Sunday morning extras?

One year our CLUB45, fourth and fifth graders, met on Wednesday nights for a study on poverty using several of the ideas found in BeadForLife’s Curriculum.

I bought a bunch of $1 bowls from a Family Dollar Store and we ate beans and rice type meals to begin our time together.


I still use mine. In fact, two weeks ago I served a friend from it and she exclaimed, “I remember those.”

Make memories. Use stuff and then send it home with those kids.

Also do activities like the one listed in that BeadForLife curriculum where you cram yourselves into a typical sized house of a poverty stricken area.

Laughs. Laughs. And then realization. And then a memory made to stick.

You’d need to add your own biblical element to this particular curriculum. The year we did this for Lenten Wednesdays, I asked a soon to be seminary student to visit and lead us in scriptures that pertained specifically to the poor and to God’s care for them, sometimes through people like us.

My friend Omar Reyes taught me things I still remember. We learn so much by teaching. We also learn so much by allowing others into our classrooms. Don’t hog the show.

Think children can’t learn and practice spiritual disciplines during Lent? Think again. I know a two year old who could say Psalm 23 because his parents said it together every night before prayers during Lent one year.

Want to emphasize prayer with your children? I’m going to be doing an entire post on prayer beads.


Jewelry making. It’s not just for girls.