So you want to start a Sunday School …

You might be a church planter or a revivalist at an aging church.

You might be at one of the most representative of churches in the US.

The average attendance of the majority of our churches is around 100.

Yeah, don’t let the megachurch trend fool you – you’re not alone. And there are all sorts of positives to small congregations.

You might have tried numerous curriculums and struggled to find a good fit.

Or, a good price point.

That budget. It’s discouraging at times, isn’t it?

So, how do you start or restart or revive a Sunday School program?

I’m chatting with a friend about that very thing this week.

Want to join our discussion?

It will help greatly if you will get your mind focused on the who and when and where and why of your mission. The what and how comes afterwards.


  • Who are your children? How many attend worship now? What are their ages? Do you know their knowledge and ability levels? Mostly readers or non-readers? Good listeners or highly distractable? Crafty or sporty? Active in worship already or lucky to stay in the pew with toys? Know as many bible stories as you or don’t know that the bible is a special book with true stuff in it?
  • Where would you meet? Have your own space, borrow it from another organization, or share it with another group in your church? Easy access to bathroom? Have child sized furniture? Have toys/craft supplies and a place to store them? Able to decorate the walls? A place for multiple activity stations or just one small area? Never fear. Sometimes the one small room that you can’t change to make your own works as well as anything. 
  • When would you meet? During your worship service or at a separate time? Before the worship service or after the worship service? On its own day during the week? How long is your class time? 30-90 minutes is a wide range. Know which you’re aiming for!
  • Why is Sunday School a priority? Are you the lone person passionate to add or revamp this program or do you have support? Brainstorm with at least one other person why Sunday School is important and what you want to do. Condense your why to a phrase or sentence. Then say what you want to achieve.

Say what you want to achieve. Yep, that is the crux of the process. 

And if you tell me what you want to achieve, then we can start on the how…

That is, unless of course, we decide the goal needs a bit of tweaking.

It often does.