The Adventures

I love meeting people.

I love meeting real, honest to goodness, don’t pretend, show me what you’re thinking and feeling people.

I love pouters and smilers.

I love writers.

Miss Lily Dunn was all of those when I met her in August of 2015. She loved Jesus and she was invigorated, not cramped, by him. And her blog was booming. One of the first posts I read was about her 52 Weeks of Adventures. Check her out at Lily’s blog: Such Small Hands.

She borrowed the 52 week challenge from Brenda at Embark: 52 Weeks of Adventure. I do not know Brenda! But Brenda described the Adventure Year this way:

Embark with me as I take fifty-two adventures and re-discover the joy of ordinary life being lived to its fullest.

I challenge you to find a way to learn, to grow, to care and to breathe, each day, for fifty-two weeks. Nourish your mind, soul, heart and body. And each week, go on an adventure.”

Brenda’s description was my 2015. While I never recorded adventures, I did find new joys in a more ordinary life. I began 2015 with fears that a bitter sting  would settle in me as I gave up my position as Children’s Ministry Director. I made my way instead to the sweeter side of bittersweet.

I found this sweetness with family and a special set of friends. I hope you have a set. I hope that you have an Ellen, another Jesus friend who insists that I read SIMPLY TUESDAY by Emily Freeman.

Will you join me in some ordinary adventures and share them? Maybe we can ask Emily to send us some affirmations 🙂

I’ll be blogging once a week with MY ADVENTURE. I hope you’ll adventure, too.

 Adventure Week One Christy, Cars, and Cuts (haircuts!)

Adventure Week Two  A “diplomat” feelsthebern

Adventure Week Three Around the World: Dinner and a Movie 

Adventure Week Four Cook Something New and Take Care of Yourself

Adventure Week Five Beauty: Friends at the Bakery

Adventure Week Six  Dirty Dancing Weekend

Adventure Week Seven  Debut at Columbia MOMS BLOG, The Year Without a Valentine

Adventure Week Eight  Feeding Children Everywhere

Adventure Week Nine  Hospitality with Wyatt and Mr. Houssain

Adventure Week Ten  Mothering and Matilda Jane

Adventure Week Eleven  Will you help me with this wedding … “

Adventure Week Fourteen  Cotton and Artist Michael Cassidy

Adventure Week Fifteen  Psanky Eggs

Adventure Week Sixteen  Survivors Walk a Mile

Adventure Week Seventeen  Celtic Woman

Adventure Week Eighteen  Our Saluda Hill and Snapping Turtles

Adventure Week Nineteen  Sandbox Dreams and Chilly Swims

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