The Stories, 52 or Just a Few

Great for younger children, with lessons specifically written for preschoolers, this curriculum covers big “action” stories from the Old and New Testaments.

You’ll journey through the Bible in one year and will enjoy lots of song, game, and craft suggestions. Stories will show the nature of God and man as we incorporate Q/A’s from the Children’s Catechism based on the Westminster Short.

Begin anytime, but stick with “the story of the week” featured to ensure that you’re celebrating Christmas and Easter when they arrive.


(June – November)

OT1 God Made the World    sample lesson here 
OT2 God Made Families
OT3 God’s People Disobey
OT4 God Saves Noah
OT5 God’s Promise to Abraham
OT6 God Saves Joseph
OT7 Joseph Forgives Brothers
OT8 God Saves Baby Moses
OT9 God in the Burning Bush
OT10 God Saves People from Egypt
OT11 God Feeds His People
OT12 God Gives Commandments
OT13 Promised Land
OT14 Hannah Dedicates Samuel
OT15 Samuel Hears God at Night
OT16 Samuel Anoints King Saul
OT17 David Serves Saul with Music
OT18 David Kills Goliath
OT19 Solomon Asks for Wisdom
OT20 Solomon Builds Temple
OT21 God Sends Prophets
OT22 Jonah Disobeys
OT23 Daniel and Friends Obey God
OT24 Josiah Finds God’s Law
OT23 Ezra Rebuilds Temple
OT24 Nehemiah Rebuilds Wall

(December – May)

NT1 Angels Tell of Jesus
NT2 Jesus is Born
NT3 Magi Bring Gifts
NT4 Jesus Teaches in Temple
NT5 Jesus is Baptized
NT 6 Jesus Calls Disciples
NT 7 Jesus Calms Storm
NT 8 Jesus Feeds 5,000
NT9 4 Friends Bring Man to Jesus
NT10 Jesus Heals Blind Man
NT11 1 of 10 Thanks Jesus
NT12 Jesus and the Children LESSON PLAN HERE!
NT13 Jesus and Zacchaeus LESSON PLAN HERE!
NT14 Good Samaritan LESSON PLAN HERE
NT15 Widow’s Offering LESSON PLAN HERE!
NT16 Jesus Asks Friends to Pray thoughts for teachers
NT17 Jesus Dies on Cross
NT18 Jesus, Alive Again!
NT19 Breakfast with Jesus
NT20 Jesus to Heaven/HS to Men
NT21 Choosing Seven Deacons
NT22 Peter Escapes Prison
NT23 Phillip Explains God’s Word
NT24 Saul Meets Jesus
NT25 Paul’s Missionary Journeys
NT26 Jesus is Coming Back!

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