Just For You, my Church

I retired. At the ripe old age of 44 years young. And it was good. And it was bad. And it was good again. So now it’s time. Time to finish those plans we made some seasons ago when we set out to write those Children’s lessons. And since we did them together, all of you and me, let’s share them freely.

I just ask you this:

1) Will you follow this blog? I’ll update weekly.

2) Will you comment, sometimes? Storytellers feed on audiences.

You may use these ideas at home for devotions or schooling, at school for “religion” or “bible class,” or at church for Sunday School or Children’s Church. Bend them, tweak them, reinvent them. They’re just a starting block.

Find the two curriculums and their descriptions at the top menu bar. “Lessons” will arrive weekly as featured front page posts. Who knows? You may find a podcast or video, too.

2 thoughts on “Just For You, my Church

  1. I will follow you and your blog…as long as it stops for coffee every now and then! Congratulations Melanie – this is going to be a great chapter of life! xoxo


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